Features and Advantages

By utilizing the slight differences between 13CO2 and 12CO2 in the absorption peak of infrared light, the HCBT-01 can detect whether the subjects have H. Pylori infection. The invention of the 13C-UBT System has dramatically improved the safety and convenience of UBT.

13C-UBT System is well-received among patients and medical institutions.


  • Precision optics system: Narrow-band optical bandpass filter + sapphire window + optical lenses.
  • Stable infrared source: Steady-state blackbody radiation source with gold-plated reflector, with a working temperature of 950℃.
  • Accurate information acquisition: Bandpass filter + analog-to-digital converter + fast Fourier transform software.
  • Temperature regulation system: PDI control mode for electric heating element and Peltier refrigeration element.
  • Stable temperature control system: PID control with electric heating module and Peltier cooling module.
  • Stable sampling system: Cylinder-type sampling system controlled by miniature electromagnetic air valve and precision stepper motor.
  • Precision detector: PbSe Non-Cooled Photoconductive IR Detector.
  • Collect baseline breath

  • Take one 13C-Urea capsule

  • Wait for 30 minutes

  • Collect sample breath

  • Use HCBT-01 test the two bags of breath samples

Principle of HCBT-01

CO2 has several characteristic absorption peaks in infrared band and there is a slight difference between the absorption peak positions of 13CO2 and 12CO2. By utilizing such slight difference, the HCBT-01 breath test analyzer is able to measure the concentrations of 13CO2 and 12CO2 respectively and then calculate the variation DOB (‰) of the abundance of 13C isotopes in the sample and baseline over the natural abundance of 13C, so as to determine whether the patient has been infected with H.Pylori.


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