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Global guidelines and consensus of H.Pylori diagnosis

  • “UBT is the most reliable

    non-endoscopic test to document

    eradication of H. Pylori infection.”

    American College of Gastroenterology

  • “The diagnostic accuracy of the UBT is >95% in studies.

    The UBT is an accurate, practical, and readily available test.

    European Helicobacter Study Group

  • “A distinct advantage of [UBT] is that it can also be used to determine treatment efficacy.”

    Mayo Clinic Laboratoriesy

  • UBT have been recommended as the most accurate noninvasive tests for diagnosis of H. Pylori infection and for confirmation of eradication after therapy.”

    Quest Diagnostics Laboratories

The paper proves that 13C/14C urea breath test is a method with high specificity and high sensitivity compared with traditional methods


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